VIRTUITALY is a startup that was established in July 2015 as a spinoff of Centrica, with the goal to valorize the Italian cultural and creative patrimony by organizing interactive virtual exhibits: they specialize in cultural events with a strong emotional impact that entertain while they teach.
VIRTUITALY proposes a new approach to edutainment that focuses on creating an unforgettable sensorial experience.
Scientific and cultural contents are embedded in these unique digital technologies and interactive systems, special attention is paid to the emotional aspects of the experience to provide more satisfying formative experience..
Centrica and VirtuITALY are part of the City of Florence’s Innovation Park at the Murate.

Parco Urbano dell’Innovazione “Le Murate”
Piazza della Madonna della Neve, 5
50122 Firenze
Phone +39 (055) 2466802
Fax +39 (055) 2009785