VirtuItaly and Centrica at Codice “La vita è digitale” su Rai 1

Friday, September 1st, 2017 Italian TV Company broadcasted Codice – “La Vita è digitale” su RAIUNO with an episode on Digital Humanities.
The episode, hosted by Barbara Carfagna, gave ample space to Centrica and VirtuItaly’s products and technologies, in particularUffizi Virtual Experience, the first immersive, interactive digital exhibition dedicated to the art collection of the Uffizi Gallery, under the patronage of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Heritage and Tourism, and of the Florence and Milan Town Councils.
The unveiling of the product took place at Fabbrica del Vapore, at the beginning of 2016: more than eleven hundred works of art digitised in very high resolution, with advanced technologies and interactive systems for a learning and entertaining experience.
In Codice’s episode, curated by Cristina Cilli, one can enjoy some moments in the immersive area.

Look at an excerpt of the episode